Cindy Cromer Bio


I am originally from Freehold Township, New Jersey and currently reside in Stuart, Florida with my husband, son, and daughter.  I am a scientist and executive, formally the president of a laboratory network. In this role I have written numerous laboratory procedures and research documents.  

I am currently putting the finishing touches and edits to my second book, DESPERATE DECEPTIONS, and it involves more family drama and suspense.  It is focused on the newly formed but strained relationship between Caitlin and her biological grandfather.   It could be considered a sequel, but I have written it as a stand-alone and the reader won’t be lost if they haven’t read DESPERATE MEASURES.   Of course, my goal is to propel the sales of my first book and make the reader want to read both.   I have a third and fourth book in rough draft format, and are completely different from the first two.   They are mysteries, but totally different characters and plots.   Once I finish those two I would like to get back to a few of the characters I created in DESPERATE MEASURES, especially Tomas.   I created him as a minor role to provide a bit of comic relief to the reader, but he took on a life of his own and I want to create his own story line.   Barry Solerno also needs to be the main focus of a book.   I have no idea where I came up with him, but he became my favorite character.  Also, I a have children's book I've been dabbling with, no title yet, but this one shouldn't take me long to finish.