Karen Downing Bio


Karen Downing is the founder of AurorasMessage.com, a website devoted to spiritual writings, teachings, classes and more.  For most of her life, Karen has been described as being sensitive, intuitive, or in touch with others' needs. That natural gift lead her to enroll in Business school with a focus on Human Resources. After obtaining a B.S. in e-Business, Karen went on to work in Human Resources, assisting co-workers with conflict resolution, as well as both personal and workplace issues.

In June of 2009, Karen founded Aurora's Message, as a means to provide information and assistance to anyone who is feeling lost in their life. In August of 2009, she was laid off from her corporate job, and used that as an opportunity to develop her business further, while she continued to search for work. Soon, it become evident that Karen's focus was meant to be on developing this new business venture.

In addition to running Aurora's Message, Karen is currently also the co-host of the weekly radio show, Again & Again. On this live weekly show, she along side co-host, Valerie Shinn, discuss a variety of issues as related to affirmations, self-empowerment, astrology, past lives, intuition and current events.

Karen Downing
Bringing Compassion to Humanity