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Donna Marie Merritt

Donna Marie Merritt is the author of the “Poetry for Tough Times” series:
What’s Wrong with Ordinary? Poems to Celebrate Life (fall 2012);
Cancer, A Caregiver’s View (2011); and Job Loss, A Journey in Poetry (2010), all from Avalon Press ( Her work has appeared in magazines, school reading programs, and American Library Association’s Book Links. Her poems have also been included in several anthologies: Caduceus by the Yale Medical Group (2012); Olives, Now and Then: poems in honor of Donald Hall by the Connecticut Poetry Society (2011); and Dear One: A Tribute to Lee Bennett Hopkins by the National Council of Teachers of English (2009).

In addition, Donna is the author of 15 award-winning books for children with over 125,000 books sold. You can learn more at

For Adults...

I love sharing the joy of language. When a child loves learning and it's due, in some small way, to words I've written, I know I'm doing what I'm supposed to do in this life.

I am also the author of the Poetry for Tough Times trilogy: JOB LOSS, A JOURNEY IN POETRY (2010), CANCER, A CAREGIVER'S VIEW (2011), and WHAT'S WRONG WITH ORDINARY? POEMS TO CELEBRATE LIFE (2012). I hope each book will help others deal with difficult situations. To view/purchase, go to Avalon Press.

What else would you like to know? Hmmm....I taught school for 14 years, from pre-K, K, and grade 1 to middle school Language Arts and GED classes for adults. I was a columnist for Teaching K-8 Magazine, penning both the "Life in the Middle" column for educators and the "Parent Connection" column for families.

In addition to the fifteen award-winning books on this site, you'll see my stories and poetry in children's magazines such as Highlights High Five, Potluck, Discovery Trails, and Wee Ones. I've also written for reading programs such as Total Reader, National Reading Styles Institute, and Queue Workbooks.

For teens and adults, I've published in magazines that include Book Links, Teaching K-8, Metro Parent, Partnership for Learning, Signs of the Times, NEA Today, Liguorian, Children's Writer, The Word Among Us, Catholic Transcript, SCBWI Bulletin, The Catholic Yearbook, Carolyn's Voice, The Catholic Leader, and the Wonder Years Development Guide. You can also find my work in Laughing and Learning, an anthology from Grace Abraham Publishing, Dear One: A Tribute to Lee Bennett Hopkins from the National Council of Teachers of English, and the 2012 volume of Caduceus, an anthology from the Yale Medical Group.