Paul Reinig Bio


There was a time in Paul Reinig's life when he was so alienated from himself that he didn’t have a clue who he was. He was raised a Catholic and had a severe habit of judging himself and consequently, not allowing himself to be expressed much at all. In March, 1975, nearly four years after graduating from a Catholic high school, Paul was so lacking in self-worth that he chose to dedicate his life to a religious cult whose core teachings were that God expected him to deny all his desires in order to save the world (Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church).

This lifestyle only intensified his self-loathing. In May 1979 he allowed Moon to match him to a woman who he’d never met and on July 1, 1982, he participated in a mass wedding of 2075 couples in Madison Square Garden in New York City. When they began living together it was as if Pandora’s box had been opened. Paul experienced emotions he never knew he had and was forced into counseling in order to save the marriage. While counseling did help to begin understanding himself and in bringing the two of them somewhat emotionally closer, eventually neither one of them could continue such a lifestyle. In 1998 they both chose to not only divorce Moon, but each other as well.

After his divorce Paul pursued a variety of healing modalities, attended many seminars and read tons of spiritually oriented books. In the process he has come to realize that we are so much more than we think we are. Today he knows clearly that mastering true love means to develop a relationship with our divine Self by becoming aware of and accepting every single aspect of ourselves without exception.

He has developed tools which helped him tremendously in understanding how to love himself while in the midst of experiencing emotional aspects that were causing such emotions as panic, terror, doubt, depression, fear, hurt, spite, shame and guilt (to name a few). Today he is a completely different person as a result. After having experienced such a remarkable releasing of so many intense emotional aspects, he has a desire to help others find the same inner freedom he now enjoys. He offers private sessions where he shares with his clients the same tools that helped him.